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    Question The Great Gatsby.

    I am unsure of how to structure my english essay on the 'Great Gatsby'.

    The task is to; Choose a novel or short story which is set during a period of social or political chance. (This bit is understood)
    Discuss how important the writers evocation of the period is of your appreciation of the text as a whole.

    It has been explained to me, but i am unsure of how to structure, and begin my piece of writing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: The Great Gatsby.

    I was an English major at University and beginning my essay was always the hardest part. Once I started writing it all seemed to fall into place. So my advice is to get a basic outline of what you want to argue, your position and your purpose of the paper...maybe gather some examples to back you up (quotes etc) and then just start wrting. Don't worry too much about making it pretty in the beginning...Just let the ideas pour out of you and keep writing. When you think you have something to work with....stop and start to pull it apart and divide it up.

    The key is to just write. For me anyways. :) I hope that helps.


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