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    Exclamation A/An/The/Some

    Good morning!
    I was studying the use of articles and I have some questions.
    1. I saw that when I have uncountable nouns I can use some, but it's not necessary. Example: "May I drink water" or "May I drink some water". Am I right?

    2. And when I have countable nouns I always need to use a/an/the/my..., but I have a question. When I don't know if it is Countable or Uncountable is there any way of using another structure. For example, the dictionary says that "salad"is Countable or Uncountable, so if I say: "Last night I ate salad", "I ate a salad". Which is right? Why?

    3. Do English people really follow all this structure? It's really confusing.

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    Re: A/An/The/Some

    Good morning, good afternoon and good night,

    Your obervation on #1 is correct. As for 2, they are both confusing and amusing. Your salad samples are okay as long as they are fresh.

    As for number 3, they don't have to follow the rules at all. They just say it! Rules are out once in a while.


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