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    ::The prisoner birds ::

    Hey there,
    I wrote this topic and I would like someone to please check out for me and give me their feed back.
    Thank you very much.

    "A robin redbreast in a cage puts
    all of heaven in a rage."

    —William Blake

    The prisoner birds

    All birds should not be caged for what ever reason. When will human beings recover consciousness and take action in liberation of birds? The unconscionable is when we clip off a bird’s own wings therefore not to be able to soar in the sky. Caged birds don’t own any sort of freedom, particularly freedom of flight.

    Caging birds is oppression to their nature of life and it is an act of cruelty against their ultimate freedom of flight. By what right, do we treat birds in this manner?
    The fact that they are animals does not justify to us to cage them, neither gives us any permission or right, to treat birds the way we do. For many of us the bird is a symbol of a higher freedom we long for, I’m sure once in our lifetime we had a wish to fly like a bird, “to be free as a bird”.

    On the other hand, birds are wonderful entertaining creatures and for that reason people buy them. Birds, specifically the colorful parrots are a beautiful creation of god and they are, born to fly in the spacious air. Not to be living in small strict cages, it is a prison. If a bird had the ability to speak it would explain to us how it feels like to live in a cage, which isolates it from social interaction with other birds. While the rest of the birds are enjoying their flight in the wide open spaces. For every single bird, life in a cage is unnatural.

    Caging birds is an obvious cruelty if we open our minds to it, but unfortunately many of us have forgotten that. What happened to animal rights? We are responsible for a bird’s loneliness, sexual frustration and as well distress, these and many other factors contribute to any caged bird’s death. Birds have desires exactly like us humans. There is a difference between a free bird’s shrill, and a caged bird’s shrill that’s sounding or expressing the bird’s flying frustration and its lonely, sad moments spent in the cage.

    Furthermore, the disadvantages which follows behind caging birds are countless and indescribable. Not to mention it’s clipped wings. Caging birds can result to a burden of diseases that causes a bird to suffer stress and loneliness, before it may even die. “Abnormal feathers and stress lines in the feathers indicate to a stress condition” This is the result of our cruelty towards caged birds, living an unnatural life. Caged birds will never feel the wind beneath its wings.

    Regardless of the size of the cages, however big the cages are, nothing will fulfill their requirement yet to the freedom of flight. Cages don’t grant birds to fully extend their wings. Caged birds are stuck in one atmosphere for life; their right to fresh air has being also denied from them. “Birds have a unique adaptation to flight and a very effective method of respiration” Indoor atmosphere can cause sinus problem. Usually these problems may contribute to the death of a bird in side a cage. Birds are created to fly; flying is their only way to exercise “Birds are some of nature’s greatest athletes.”

    Although we try to provide as much as possible of care and gentleness to cages birds in terms of seeds, greens, grits, water and all the basis of their diet. But though nothing can be replaced with their freedom of flight and choice. However, the friendly kind treatment towards caged birds would never ever come to meet their fulfillment of freedom.

    We have denied to them their freedom of flight which allows them to experience sunlight, wind, rain and many other more of nature’s elements. “The exposure to wind and rain promotes healthy plumage” Freedom of food, interaction, and exercise has all being denied to them and berried away. We assume that we’ve covered their bill of rights, but unfortunately our eyes have turned blind to the right of flight.

    It is not our responsibility to trap birds from the wiled and snatch them away from their flock, therefore to be sold in the markets to make some profit, according to a bird’s life. Clearly this is a self seeking attitude. Yet, it should be one of our priorities to free every single caged bird. ”Nearly all cockatoos and large parrots sold in pet shops have being trapped from the wiled” stolen from their original native home. It would never ever be appropriate for any bird to live in a cage, that’s not his original home.

    Just like every single creature on the planet, we need to be free to reach the light, rain and love, in order to grow. Every bird deserves to be free. Also as consumers we should not be purchasing birds wherever they’re sold, whether at the markets or pet shops, apparently bird sells are ‘impulsive’ and that’s they must be made illegal.

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    Re: ::The prisoner birds ::

    Hello anyone?

    FINE no one!

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    Re: ::The prisoner birds ::

    It's a very good essay. If I may say so: it's eloquent and argues the point very strongly; I was moved. There are many grammatical errors. I've sent you a revision by PM.

    To the moderators: if the practice at UsingEnglish is to post the corrections in public, please let me know. Thanks

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    Re: ::The prisoner birds ::

    Dear Alex,

    What can I say? You made me speechless. All I’m able to do is to thank you very much from the depth of my heart. You deserve all the best. I just wish you were my English teacher, LOL

    What got me to write this ‘persuasive’ essay is my bird that got me to write this expressive speech. I felt the loneliness and frustration he is going through. I’m hoping to free him once his wings grow back.

    Kind regards,


    Here I'm

    and here I'm in prison :shifty2:

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