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    Quotation Marks (Please help)

    Dear all,

    I would like to know how to write a famous quote the correct way.

    “The symbol of the race ought to be a human being carrying an ax, for every human being has one concealed about him somewhere, and is always seeking the opportunity to grind it.”

    - Mark Twain, a Biography

    1.)In the above example, do I have to put Mark Twain's name on the separate line?
    2.)Before I start the quote, do I have to put double space?
    3.)After Mark Twain's name, can I continue with what I want to write or I have to start with another paragraph?
    4.)Can I just quote Mark Twain's word in italics instead with quotation marks?

    5.)This is another question nothing to do with the above questions: when I write about a book's name, how do I do it the proper way?
    Like this: "Alice in the Wonderland" or Alice in the Wonderland ??

    Thank you


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    Re: Quotation Marks (Please help)

    inputs please?

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    Re: Quotation Marks (Please help)

    Quote Originally Posted by sampahmel View Post
    inputs please?
    First you have to determine which style guide you want to use.

    I italicize longer quotes and apply quotation marks for relatively short quotations (not longer than two lines).

    As for your other questions, well, I cannot answer them.

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