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    Head-complement functions

    I can't distinguish 'Head complement functions' in sentences.
    If I have a sentence:

    at home at=H home=C and this is PP
    She fears dangerous dogs

    How to distingush the Head-complement function in this sentence or any other?
    I know that H-C is two way dependency. Nonetheless, I can't see any other diference between the modifier and complement.

    May I ask for some help and information about this issue?

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    Re: Head-complement functions

    Hello brusH

    Ex: She [VP fears dangerous dogs]

    Head of the VP: fears
    Complement: dangerous dogs

    The complement 'completes' the head. That is, the phrase 'she fears' is incomplete without 'dangerous dogs'.

    Have a look here Complements @ The Internet Grammar of English

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    Re: Head-complement functions

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