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    Will some one read this and help me revise this?
    Thanks so much

    Sue follows the same routine each day Sue goes to work. Sue wakes up at 7 O'clock in the morning. Before showering and brushing her teeth for five minutes Sue does stretching exercises. Wow! She sure is a disciplined person. Her breakfast usually consists of cereal and fruit with a quick cup of Sue's favorite coffee. Before sitting down to eat she fills the bowl belonging to Jordan with cat food and a small treat of canned tuna. After breakfast it is time to get ready for work. Sue's clothes are always clean and pressed the night before. Blue is Sue's favorite color and her pants and shirt and socks are all shades of blue. Even her shoes are blue. Sue gets dressed, and decides it is time to leave. Picking up the newspaper Sue gets in her car, pulls out of her driveway. Once upon the road Sue's day has begun and she turns on the radio.

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    Re: Revise

    Is there some reason why you have to use her name continuously?

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