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Thread: abnormal etc.

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    abnormal etc.

    Living in a diverse culture, I am wondering about the standing of words such as deformity, abnormalty, abnormalcy, abnormality etc. - and if they are still acceptable, when or how one might differentiate between them.

    This seems to be very much in keeping with rule 2 but also might be disallowed under rule 4. - Actually another question I would like help with is how to tell when an issue is political. i.e. as far as I can see, issues re diversity, food, work, all have a political dimension, what do we not mention?


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    Re: abnormal etc.

    Welcome to the forums.

    Some people are more hypersensitive to such words than others. If there is no alternative, then they have to be used. I do not believe one can totally avoid them, and euphemisms soon gather their own opprobium. What used to be Mongolism became Down's Syndrome, and is now "suffering learning disabilities".

    As to the political issue, you only have to look at other forums where there is no control to see how opposing views can degenerate into flame wars. If you think a topic may generate this kind of heat, avoid it - a classic example is the Gaza conflict.

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