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Thread: round the bend

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    Wink round the bend

    I need your help.
    It's too difficult for me to understand idioms even if i look up dictionary.
    I would like to know below the meanig of the idiom- round the bend- in these sentences.

    when they’re not driving their parents and teachers round the bend, they’re driving stolen cars all over the roads and raising merry hell on the highways.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Re: round the bend

    It means that something is making you feel insane: Re: Bananas

    These youngsters are behaving in a way that their parents and teachers cannot control. A harsher way of saying this would be "they are driving them mad".

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    Re: round the bend

    Thank you for your answer

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    Re: round the bend

    The extreme version of this collocation is 'clean round the bend' - which provides scope for a joke about lavatory brushes.


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