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    "stuck to death" or "shot to death" in this context?

    Please help me to choose the most suitable word to complete the sentence in bold in the following passage. I am confused between "stuck" and "shot".

    The Greenpeace organization exists to draw our attention to the problem of pollution of the environment and the destruction of wildlife by hunters. Its aim is to protect the environment and keep the balance of the eco-system. It uses direct action to prevent the killing of whales and seals, and to stop the dumping of nuclear waste at sea. Greenpeace has had several adventures at sea. Apart from its involvement in antinuclear activities, its concern for whales has also taken it to the oceans. Greenpeace places its boats between the harpoon and the whale, following a human barrier through which the whalers are unwilling to shoot. This gives the whale time to escape. Success has rewarded campaigners’ efforts to save the whales. They are also active in trying to save the lives of the world’s seals. Every year 250,000 seals are slaughtered in Newfoundland, and Canada. These unfortunate seal pups are (stuck; aimed; shot; struck) _____ or clubbed to death, and their pelts are then sold in Europe. Efforts to put a stop to the slaughter have included blocking the hunter’s ships, protecting the seals, and making their pelts useless by paining them with harmless but indelible dye. In these ways, Greenpeace makes us aware of how our activities disturb the eco-system, and forces official organizations to think of the long-term consequences of their actions.

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    Re: "stuck to death" or "shot to death" in this context?

    "Aimed" to death is meaningless.

    "Stuck" to death is just wrong. If a knife or a spear is used, the seals are knifed or speared. If a trap in which they are "stuck" is used, they are trapped.

    Shot to death is correct if rifles are used.

    But in fact the seals are clubbed, as the article says. Therefore the answer is <WRONG: see below> struck, because a club strikes or hits the seals, so as not to pierce the valuable pelts.

    PS. I am sorry, sorry, sorry! 90% of the seals are shot.
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    Re: "stuck to death" or "shot to death" in this context?

    It's ok abaka.
    Many thanks for your enthusiasm.

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