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    Job opportunities in Montreal, QC?

    I am considering entering this field of employment. I am looking into a course given by the International College of Applied Linguistics which would result in a TEFL certification.

    However, before I jump in, I would like to get an indication of what the local job market looks like. My prelinimary searches on Internet job boards such as Jobboom, Monster and Workopolis have not uncovered a wealth of job openings. Am I looking in the right place? Any information you could provide on the potential for TEFL teacher/tutors would be appreciated.
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    Re: Job offortunities in Montreal, QC?

    If I were you, I'd do an on-line search under "newspapers in Montreal", as those informational sources are bound to have their classifieds sections listed. I'd also, look up the Montreal phonebook, and do a quick search under ESL schools. You could also search under that title on your search engine; i.e., ESL schools in Montreal. You should also contact the department of Linguistics or Student Services at the local colleges and universities, and find out if they have any information on ESL opportunities in the area. If you're really serious about teaching ESL in Montreal, contacting the schools directly is your best bet. All the best,

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    Re: Job offortunities in Montreal, QC?


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