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    Post teaching Business English

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone have recommended textbooks on Business English. My students are intermediate EFL learners. Thanks!

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    Re: teaching Business English

    I'm using English for Telephoning at the moment, which is okay (not great). The publisher is Oxford Business English Series, by David Gordon Smith. I would say the difficulty is intermediate to upper intermediate. Their comprehension level must be quite good to understand the fast speech in the "phonecalls".

    I'm working in a single company so I have the opportunity to print out emails sent from my students to native speakers, so we sometimes analyze the grammar used by their native speaking counterparts and try to produce better emails on their end. I'm also exploring the possibility of recording conference calls and playing them back for comprehension, cloze exercizes etc etc.

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    Re: teaching Business English

    Hi dwellercam,

    I've used Business Basics, Business Opportunities, and Business Options by Oxford. All are okay books with a wide range of sections that can be extended or cut.

    I recently used a book called Business One:One, also by Oxford. I liked this book much more because each chapter is a module, and the modules can be taught in any order. This makes for a very flexible curriculum. The activities were also quite flexible, although I had to add a bit more on my part. Here's the link:

    OUP Business one : one

    I hope this helps!

    Chris Cotter
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