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    Help with spoken English

    Could anybody write here what are being said on this audio?
    I couldn't understand everything. Only "7th floor, going up. leens(?? what word is that?), lingerie... un... women."

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    Re: Help with spoken English

    No idea, sounds like French!

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    Re: Help with spoken English

    "7th floor, going up... linens... lingerie..."

    Linens are bed sheets and pillow cases. After that I'm not sure: "You viscerated my mood" is what it sounds like to me! "Viscerate" seems to be a less commonly used form of "eviscerate", which means to pull the guts out of an animal (well, could be a person!), so "eviscerate my mood" could be like "kill my mood" / "kill the mood". But this is all just a guess! (Is this the voice of Batman???)

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    Re: Help with spoken English

    Sorry, but access is denied to the file now. Only 10 downloads were allowed. There are directions for you to follow if you wish more people to be able to listen.

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