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    present perfect tense

    Hello, I need any informations about present perfect; because it I cannot understood this grammer.

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    Exclamation Re: present perfect tense

    The three tenses we use in English are present, past, and future and in each tense there are four forms ( i.e. Simple, continuous, Perfect and Perfect continuous) to express the timing of action. So in all there are 12 tense forms. The for tense forms of the present tense are: Simple present, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. The present perfect is formed with are formed with the past participle form of the main verb and the helping verbs have and has,. The Present Perfect is used for a time that continues from past to present or to express completed action.
    Examples: How long have you lived in Paris?
    Answer: I have lived in Paris since 1990.
    For more details refer to any website on English grammar. If you have any specific question, please post the same in this forum.

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    Re: present perfect tense

    Quote Originally Posted by darien View Post
    Hello, I need any informations about present perfect; because it I cannot understood this grammer.
    hello Darin..!

    the present perfect tense is used as follows

    1- to say how long has something happened for. for/since

    e.g: 1- I've spoken english since I was a child.
    this sentence means that you started speaking english in the past andcontinues up to this moment

    I've lived hear for six years. means you still there
    I've studied english since monday. means you started studying and didn't finish. you are still studying

    2- to talk about actions happened in the past and continues until now.
    e.g: I'v lost my key.
    this sentence means that you lost your key in the past and don't have it now. at the moment of speaking you're not having the key.

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