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    Failed this summary, feedback please.

    First of all, im dutch and my study is in dutch as well.
    I had to write a summary in english on a subject from a diff. class.
    The only rules were, between 500-600 words.

    Now i failed with this, no feedback from the teacher yet.
    Could someone please read this and give me some feedback?
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    [1] SEO Ė Search Engine Optimization

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    Re: Failed this summary, feedback please.

    "build in" should be "built-in"

    Other than that, your essay sounds like advertising or media script.

    Was that your assignment?

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    Re: Failed this summary, feedback please.

    susiedqq's last question is the key. Nobody can say why you failed a test if they don't know what the test was.

    You can get some initial statistical information from here: Text Content Analyser -


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    Re: Failed this summary, feedback please.

    There weren't any rules except atleast 500 words about something done in a different class. So if failed it must have been errors in spelling or grammar.
    Anyway thanks, ill see her tomorrow and ask.

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