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    Dear teacher,
    Can I use this word to express the professional preferences and skills that I have?

    I understand that you want me to deal with people but I have a very technical profile and I'd better deal with computers.

    Thank you.

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    Re: profile

    I have a very technical profile and I'd better deal with computers.

    The "technical profile" is acceptable. I am not so sure the last part is good: it sounds as though you are refusing to work with people, which is often fatal. Even if you'd rather keep everyone out of your face, you should never, ever, say so under any circumstances.

    May I suggest rewriting the whole sentence, including the part about what the employer wants you to do, with:

    I have a very strong technical profile. I believe my technical experience is my strongest point, and I think it will assist me in whatever task I undertake, whether by myself or in a team environment.

    Or, of course, rewrite it in any way you like, to say that you really want to continue technical work. Just, if I may say this again, try not to say anything against "working with people".

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    Re: profile

    I understand that you want me to work with people, but I get along with computers better than I get along with people.
    If you are very comfortable talking to this person you might say:
    What?! You can't find somebody who wants to be a manager?
    (Promoting somebody to a job he doesn't want and is not suited for is a recipe for disaster.)

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