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    "Use of Narrative"?

    For homework, we're supposed to read a profile about sports man and there's one question:

    Describe the author's use of narrative in this profile.

    What does that mean?

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    Re: "Use of Narrative"?

    The writer narrates when he describes the sequence of events, usually but not necessarily in the order they happen. Loosely speaking, the plot. The events may be fictional or real.

    The question really involves two parts. (1) What is the author's narrative technique; in other words, does he use a continuous or broken time sequence, flashbacks, foreshadowing, converging plotlines, and so on? (2) Why does he use the narrative he does? How does the narrative relate to the theme, i.e. what the author is really trying to say, the impression he is trying to leave the reader with? Again, these are fair questions whether or not the events are fictional.

    And possibly a third (unlikely in your case, but do check if your instructor wants you to include it) (3) How does the narrative in this profile relate to the narrative used by the same author in other writings, or by other authors?

    If you want some basic information on narrative in modern literary theory, start here. But I would recommend just answering the two (three?) parts of the question above.
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