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    bring into question,compare,adulterate

    <My sweetest and respected tachers>
    1 : ''This case brings/throws the whole purpose of law into question'' ''This case brings/throws into question the whole purpose of law''
    2 : ''can both 'with/to' be used after 'compare' won't it make any difference''?
    3 :''People often adulterate milk with water'' correct?
    4 : ''I get lots of privates chat when i log in to Yahoo!'' correct?
    5 : ''I'm honoured by your words'' is it correct?if not,correct it and tell me the meaning of it.thanks
    6 : ''Who you got married to'' or '' to who did you get married''?
    7 : ''Is it necessary to use 'hyphen' between two words like 'hard-working' or 'hard working' can be used''
    8 :''Bundle of thanks'' correct?
    9 : ''What's the difference between 'practice' and 'practise' when they are used as a verb''?
    Thanks ain advance.

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    Re: bring into question,compare,adulterate

    1. I don't see a question there.
    2. Yes, it is largely a matter of preference.
    3. Yes.
    4. No. Try: "I log onto Yahoo, and I chat privately."
    5. Yes.
    6. Who did you get married to? or Who did you marry?
    7. Keep the hyphen. It makes the writer's intent clearer.
    8. Thanks a bunch!
    9. It's the difference between the American spelling and the British spelling. (Say: "when they are used as verbs")

    (There is no need to thank me beforehand. Instead, click on the "Thanks" button.)

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    Re: bring into question,compare,adulterate

    4- I don't know if this is a British variation, but i would generally use log on with a system, like an intranet and log in with a site.

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