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Thread: punch out

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    punch out

    Can you please tell me what "punch out" means in this context?

    "The other side of the coin - something I'll throw out -none of the products I sell are things that people punch out on assembly lines. Nothing is sitting onthe shelf waiting for somebody to buy. Nearly everything has a ninety-day to one-year delivery time.So it's made when the customer orders it, except for a few long-lead items that the vendor keeps instock, or the principal sometimes will build even though the customer buys just one. He might buildfive just because he knows he'll sell them in the next year or so."

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    Re: punch out

    In this context the writer is using license with the term 'punch out'. It is misleading in my opinion though that is the beauty of the English language.
    He is describing products that are being produced from a machine in a factory and alluding to the fact that there is no artistry or skill to the production of the item.

    He could also have used 'popped out' or 'banged out'. The inference is that the product is mass produced. HTH

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