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    Conditional statements

    Generally, in the 'If' clauses I read in some of the entrance exams materials the verbs such as would or will shouldn't be used. Is that correct?

    Following is the sentence I read it in an article:

    If you 'll try to balance your own sentences in this way, your writing will be more forceful.

    On this ocassion, I would to request you for any special points you want to put forth on conditionals are whole heartedly welcomed:)

    Also, please let me know if there are any good links in which I can have thorough understanding of conditional statements.

    Thanks so much for your answers in advance


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    Re: Conditional statements

    Generally it is true that we don't use will after IF with conditionals, but sometimes it is possible - when if expresses the idea of willingness:

    In your sentence will means something like "want". Imagine that someone is smoking in your room and it bothers you- you could say "If you will stop smoking here I will be very happy" - you underline that this person can stop, and should want to stop, should be willing to stop.

    This is rather refined use of language and basically we can stick to a general rule "don't use will after if with conditionals". Hope this helps a little:)

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