When I read the English Bible for the first time, I noticed that many of prophets' names (I'm not sure if they're considered Prophets in Christianity) are not the same names that I always read in the Arabic Bible. To know which one is the original and which is the corrupted, I used transliterations of the Hebrew and Aramaic Bible and noticed that Y/O/U sounds in English version is sometimes replaced with J sound

For example.

Yusef became Joseph
Yacob is Jacob
Yonah is Jonah
Yohana/Yochenan is John
Yashu is Jesus

Isn't this interesting? What is the problem with Y?
Also there is Yahoda=Judah
I would appreciate any explanation and yes in Arabic we say Orshaleem/Ordon instead of Jerusaleem/Jordon
and Yapan=Japan(although non of them is the original Nippon)

Thank you