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Thread: at walk speed

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    at walk speed

    can you please tell me what "at walk speed" means?

    With a profitable back-end you can afford to lose money if necessary on the front-end be-cause your biggest goal is to get a ton of long-term customers whom you can market to indefinitely.Your back-end profits are the leverage you use to cover the expenses of the front-end, and in this case your front-end will be more expensive than normal because you're going to be getting better re-sults than normal. If you want to achieve success at walk speed, you have to pay the price. But with a good back-end, you can afford to pay a high price on the front-end."

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    Re: at walk speed

    Hmm it seems a little strange said like that but maybe it is a buisness expression. At a walking pace (or speed) means to do something at a slow and constant speed. So acheiving success at a walking pace means to find success constantly and over time.

    I hope that helps.

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