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    Learning and teaching English courses in English speaking countries: need help!

    Hello! At the moment I'm searching for some kind of a teaching programme abroad, in any of English speaking countries. I'm not yet interested in CELTA but more in cources which would somehow combine both English learning and teaching classes. By now I've found a teaching programme in Globe school in Exeter, England (English Schools in England - English courses in England with Globe). It's almost what I'm dreaming of: it consists of 28 English classes and 8 teaching classes a week, plus it doesn't cost very much for 4 weeks.
    But I'm really afraid of going anywhere having no positive reports. Has anyone ever been there?
    If not, could you please suggest something else?
    My wishes are as follows:
    1. English-speaking country, preferably England or the US, but I'm afraid that the US would be way too expensive for me because of the flight cost,
    2. I'd like to spend there about a month,
    3. I'd like to have as many classes a week as possible. Of course, with highly professional teachers. )
    4. The price is kind of a problem, because I'm not really sure how much it should cost. But I'd like to spend not more than 2500 pounds + tickets and visa. Globe school offers the price of 2000 pounds.
    Well, actually, teachers and price are the main concerns. )
    Thanks a lot in advance.
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