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    gear into the right bedrock

    can you please what this expression means? gear into the right bedrock

    "Somebody told me something really great. They said, "Most people fall in love with theirbusiness, instead of falling in love with their customers, or their clients." I want you to give mea compound comment and an application on developing passion, focus, and real connection withwhatever you think is the right bedrock to gear into, and connect that passion to."

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    Re: gear into the right bedrock

    This is, as far as I can tell, a metaphor from mountain biking.

    "Bedrock" is the ground, which can be very different to ride on depending on what kind of rock is exposed.

    "To gear into" is to ride into a certain place, path, or terrain, making sure that your bike is in the right gear.

    Obviously the "right bedrock" is different for each mountain biker, depending on how good they or their bike is, and what kind of ride they prefer.

    As a business metaphor, it seems to mean "to find the base market/product that is right for you to develop".

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