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    Cool Motivation letter for university - please help me!

    Hey guys

    My name is Marco and I am applying for a University. Therefor I have to write a motivation letter, which put's me in front of some problems.
    Would be thankful for some advise referring to content, style and coherence.
    Don't have to much time, becuase I have to hand in the letter on Friday, so plz post as fast as possible

    Thank's a lot for any comment!!

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I am writing to apply for the Master's program in International Affairs. My purpose in this letter is on one hand to present the reasons why I want to choose the HEID and on the other why I see myself suitable for the program.
    After three years of study at the University of Basel I graduated last summer in Business and Economics with a Major in Economics. Due to the broad field of my studies which included Business and Economics I got the chance to deepen existing interests and discover new one’s. As my Major shows I put emphasis on economics, with an international focus. I learned how growth theories explain the failure of states and how alternative financial aid systems, as microcredits, improve people's live. The mainly mathematical focus posed on these theories, helped me to compound my analytical skills and equipped me with the necessary framework to analyze complex problems.

    I am aware that economic approaches alone, in most cases, are not adequate to face the global challenges they explain. That's why I took the chance to attend lectures like “Regionalism and International Political Economy”, “The System of the WTO”, “International Conflicts and Globalization” and others to gain insight into global challenges and its international interdependences from another point of view. The emphasis posed on interdisciplinarity in these lectures strengthened my intention to seek a study in International Affairs.

    It is not only my experiences at the university that encourages me to apply for this Master's program. Furthermore it is the certainty to be able to connect economics with another field of interest: politics. Discussions about politics and its implications on world affairs are thrilling to me. In fact this enthusiasm appeared already in High school as I attended a weekly round table discussing actual political incidents. On grounds of these debates I dare say that I developed excellent communication skills.

    By travelling in many countries in Europe I had the chance to improve my communication skills in other languages as well. Besides German and Italian, my second mother tongue, I speak English and French. At the moment I am taking a Spanish course to prepare myself for a five month stay in South America from February to the end of July. In this period I'll be working for two month as a volunteer in an organization providing economic assistance for farmers. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with people from other cultures as well as to benefit personally from this intercultural exchange.

    As the students from HEID are recruited from all over the world I see this Master's program in International Affairs as an opportunity to take the first step into a future career in an international organization.
    I am confident that with my strong will to give my best to everything I undertake and never compromise with modesty I can contribute a valuable part to the HEID. Through current challenging times, I understand that in order to reach my goals, apart from hard work I have to obtain a solid understanding of academic principles thatwill provide me with a global perspective and will allow me to chase my dreams of entering a international organization and contributing in my best way to its benefit.

    I hope this letter will be given your full consideration and I will be happy to provide any further information you may require.

    Yours sincerely

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    Re: Motivation letter for university - please help me!

    Hey folks

    Don't think that no answer means that my letter is excellent
    Would be thankful for any support or comment

    Greetz Marco

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    Re: Motivation letter for university - please help me!

    Hi Marco I found that your letter is good!

    Even I am applying to a University in Geneva and I can assure you its not an easy task to write a motivation letter am still working on it.

    I am applying for an MA in International Relations and as You hope to work for an International Organisation.

    Wish you the Best of luck and may you attain your objectives at the earliest.

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