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    bathroom or restroom?

    Should I say bathroom or restroom in a school?
    Is is true that restroom is only used when is in a public place?
    If that were the case, a school is a public place,isn't it?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: bathroom or restroom?

    Restroom is public only.

    Bathroom is (usually) at home, or in a hotel room.

    A term still inscribed in Canadian schools as late as the 1950's, but now usually British, is lavatory.

    There's a perfectly good word toilet, but it seems to have become something that requires a euphemism.

    I would suggest a school washroom. Of all of the terms, it seems the most neutral and most nearly universal.

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    Re: bathroom or restroom?

    While most folks in the US will understand "washroom," it is used far more in Canada than the US. In the US, either "restroom" or "bathroom" is fine in any situation, although it is more common to refer to the facilities in a large public place (school, restaurant, train station, etc) as the "restroom."

    Even in a private home, though, people will refer to it as the bathroom, restroom, powder room, little boy's room, etc.

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    Re: bathroom or restroom?

    In British English, but not in North American English, the room that has a toilet in it is usually referred to as a toilet. This room in people's houses can also be called the lavatory, or informally, the loo. An extra downstairs toilet in a house can be called the cloakroom. In public places, especially on signs, the words toilets, Gents (for men's toilets) or Ladies (for women's toilets) are used for a room or small building containing several toilets. You might also see WC or Public Conveniences on some signs.

    In North American English the room that contains a toilet is usually called the bathroom, never the toilet. A room with a toilet in a public place can also be called a restroom, ladies' room, women's room or men's room. Washroom is also used, especially in Canada.

    I hope this helps.

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