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    Smile How do I make a request when I can't see the board in class?

    Hi guys!. I'm so wondering how I can make a request when I can't see the board in class.

    Of course, I guess if I say "I can't see the board well' in class, Teachers can understand what I mean.

    But I want to add something like "Can you make letters bigger?" "Can you write clearly?" "Can you write bigger and clearer?" when teacher wrote small and blury letters on the board

    That's all I can come up with but I'm not sure which one is better or awkward?

    What I'm concerned about is native speakers might think that all of theses expressions are not necessary or very rude in such a situation. On top of that thay can sound awkward although they are grmmatically correct.

    I need your opinions. Could you please tell me any other popular request in this sitaution? or Is it better to just say "I can't see the board well"?

    What I'm interested in is to speak more fluently like native speakers
    beyond making my request.

    Thanks a lot in advance. I hope my question helps other ESL and EFL students improve their proficiencyl.

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    Re: How do I make a request when I can't see the board in class?

    Excuse me, I cannot read the board. Could you write bigger letters, please?

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