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Thread: Phrasal verb

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    Phrasal verb

    I`m an English teacher. I need some help with a phrasal verb: let through, what does it mean? Thank you for your help.
    Ofelia Pereyra

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    Re: Phrasal verb

    It could be let through as in:
    A: We need to get in, we simply can't miss the concert. Please!
    B: Okay, I am going to let you through, but if anybody asks you sneaked in!
    This is not a phrasal verb.

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    Re: Phrasal verb

    It means 'allow to pass through (a gate or other barrier)'.

    I agree with the previous answer: it is not a true phrasal verb, but a loose combination of transitive verb and (depending on the presence or absence of a nominal object) a preposition or adverb.

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