Many companies require their employees to wear a uniform at work. In what jobs do you think should people be required to wear uniforms? What are the disadvantages of wearing uniforms at work?

Many people are required to wear their uniforms while they are working because of the particular requirements of their jobs. These jobs usually involve in facing the public directly and serve different people everyday. Under such circumstances, it is annoying in some senses because people who wear uniforms are not allowed to do everything they want.

Some workers who work in a service sector may be required to wear uniforms. Some of these jobs are waiters/waitresses and hostesses, because the goal of their jobs is to serve the customers thus workers need to be neat and clean. For instance, on all the planes the hostesses are required to wear uniforms, in order to present a good image to the passengers on board.

Police officers and firefighters are required to wear uniforms. This is definitely paramount because they usually deal with emergency situations. For example, if a person is robbed then if he needs to find the police it is best that he can recognize the police officers without any problem. This is why uniforms are important for police officers and firefighters.

Although uniforms can not be absence in those positions discussed above, it may cause some problems as well. In other words, there are disadvantages to wear uniforms while at work. One of them is that the uniforms can not represent individuals but only the team or the department as a whole, therefore people who wear uniforms need to keep their nerves tight to avoid mistakes in their work, which is certainly not convenient at all. Another drawback is that the uniforms do not fit in every moment. For example, if it is raining hard it can be a tough time for police officers to patrol on the street.

In conclusion, the waiters/waitresses and hostesses are likely to wear uniforms, so do police officers and firefighters. The uniform is the symbol of their jobs therefore it is inevitable to wear uniforms at work. However, the disadvantages to wear uniforms are annoying as well because they may make the workers feel nervous when working and they do not help in every situation at work.