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    need help with a letter of intent

    for medical lab tech program

    A letter of intent (approximately 500 words) detailing the applicant's career goals, knowledge of the profession, related experience and reasons for seeking admission to the Medical Laboratory Science program
    Jan 28.2009


    Jan 29,2009

    British Columbia Institute of Technology
    3700 Willingdon Avenue
    Burnaby, BC
    V5G 3H2,

    Dear, Laboratory Sciences and Health Protection,(mike ho is the admission officer)

    I am applying to British Columbia Institute of Technology for entry into the Medical Laboratory Science program. I’m seeking entry into your Fall 2010 program.

    I have always had a desire to help people. I enjoy helping people who are injured or sick. My brother has schizophrenia. For the last ten years he has struggled with this illness. It is difficult for him cope on a daily basis. But its very rewarding to take him golfing or watch hockey together. The greatest challenge is to humanize the illness. (basically i find it very rewarding and satisfying to help)

    X person has guided me throughout. She has 25 years experience as an administrator in a hospital. She has worked closely to investigate this career. At first we conducted extensive research over the net. I used CMLS and BCMSL to get an overview of this career. Then, I watched videos on youtube to learn more about the daily life of an medical lab tech, how to deliver IV's and plebotomy. Based on this information we have decided that I like to work in an environment that has fewer patient contacts. I believe that I would be well suited to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. (hmm got to fix this)

    I don't any experience. But i have conducted a lab tour at Vancouver, General Hospital with Adelina ___. I leaned that accuracy was the most important aspect. I have just started to volunteer at a hospital-and i wont be doing labs in college till may--

    (im having a hard time since i don't have experience in this field. I worked in another but found it unsatisfying)

    not sure how to handle the expereince stuff. I dont have experience yet.

    I have included a resume, copies of my transcripts and references. I hope this helps you in your evaluation process. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at (604)xxx or by e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you!


    this is really really rough. I'm not sure what to say.

    should i use a 5 paragraph format? Am i answering the question that they want? why do you want to attend this program?
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    Re: need help with a letter of intent

    anyone ?

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