please check on my letter of motivation.

Dear sir or madam,
Having heard about your good reputation on the discipline of finance, I would like to apply for the masterís degree programme in finance in University of Vassa.

Academic Background
The episode that I had written an essay on the present and prospect of areca processing industry, awarded the second prize in the technology festival of Xiangtan City at the age of 16 aroused me the passion on the realm of economy. The visit to general manager of processing factory was of great significance. Choosing the areca as specific target for essay was appreciated by him, for our research was related to surrounding things, especially the local industry expecting foci to a large extent. During the conversation, he was always emphasizing the importance of capital operation which seemed to be a crucial component for running an enterprise. Thatís the reason for me majoring in finance later.
In 2005 I was admitted, with a competitive college entrance exam score, into the Finance department of business school at Xiangtan University, one of the prestigious universities in China. Xiangtan University, located in Xiangtan City, the home town of Mao Zedong, established as the result of Chairman Maoís proposal, is a comprehensive university operating under the joint support of Ministry of Education and government. I have been honored student twice, the first year and third year respectively, with scholarship. You may wonder, what about the second year? Actually speaking, itís a turning point for my life. I was crazy about English during that period. Through an accidental opportunity I won the second prize in an English speech contest in Hunan region, sponsored by China Centre Television, thereby a series of English speech contest ensued, and the prize awarded granted me substantial self-esteem. In 2007, I got a part-time job in ďCrazy English CampĒ, one of the prestigious oral English training agency in China. Having shared this news with my professor, he said, ďThe employer of foreign enterprise never appreciates a candidate whose lecture is devoid of content in profession but only in their tune.Ē The professorís words made a splash in my mind, which enabled me to re-orientate myself and returned to concentrate on my major, afterwards I ranked 5 out of 122 in the 6th semester.

Social experience
The credit card business exploration has aimed at college student recent years. I have earned an opportunity to serve as an agent promoting credit cards on campus. The statistics, on the one hand, demonstrates that the knowledge concerning to finance, particularly individual finance, is not well popularized among college students. On the other hand, however, it is a specific target market with huge potencial. Though short-term profit is not decent, the new consuming value has been instilled in the prospective elites.

Future academic goal
Chinese government has been sinking a large mounts of money in the construction of rural area, where the population takes up of the order of 9/13. According to Keynesí General Theory, the currency has a real impact on economy, which means, the proper financial policy to agriculture will accelerate the pace of rural area development. There has been existing a series of problems in rural areaís financial market covering, say, the system of the financial institution is not perfect, the contradiction between the supply and demand of capital, as well as the conservative credit value. The circumstance that a large number of employee coming from the countryside return home in the financial crisis caused by the subprime mortgage crunch in 2008 challenges the present employment rate in rural area, which expects an effective financial policy to stimulate the economy. Iím going to focus on the rural financial market, compare the western with oriental financial policy to the rural area, and make proposals.

Itís not an easy decision for me to go further education abroad, so I appreciate my parentsí support within and my professorsí encouragement without. Also, Iíll show my great gratitude to distinguished judges who browse my materials for your hard work. I hope to hear from you in the near future.