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    Question WhiteSmoke: English letter writing software

    I am using the trial version of this software I found online, that supposedly edits and proofreads your writing. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience and/or advice on whether or not I should buy it. So far it looks pretty good but I want to hear what others have to say.

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    Re: WhiteSmoke: English letter writing software

    It may look good, but does it produce suggestions that you recognise as genuine improvements and do you get the feeling that it will continue to do so? Criticisms have been made of the feedback- one review said that some of the suggestions were misleading and incorrect, and some of the claims made on their site are certainly a bit extravagant and the column entitled Comparison Chart is preposterous. It cannot be that good, but if you're enjoying it and find it useful, then why not? But don't expect it to live up to its hype.

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    Re: WhiteSmoke: English letter writing software

    Well, I have been testing it a bit and of course it is not perfect, but it picks up quite a few grammar errors. I also went through the errors they list on their website comparing WhiteSmoke to the grammar checker in Word [ ws-vs-msword] It seems like there are actually quite a few benefits to WhiteSmoke over Word.

    I saw the negative reviews by other users, and wonder if a better program exists. It seems like WhiteSmoke's practice of NPL hooks up users to a pretty large network of text and error-possibilities. I guess this leads to the largest amount of corrections, but also a large margin of error.

    I think as far as writing software goes, WhiteSmoke's method of grammar checking seems to be the most impressive. I'll prob stick with it.
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    Smile Re: WhiteSmoke: English letter writing software

    I have been using whitesmoke for about 2 years, and it's gotten much better. I can see improvements and updates made to the database and the cool thing is that with the purchase of WHitesmoke, you automatically get all of the updates made to their database.

    I say go for it!
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