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    syllabic consonants in English

    Hi guys, I am new here and I have a question already :).

    I am studying English philology and tommorow I have an exam from theoretical grammar. I have some of the questions that will shpow up on te exam and I can't deal with one of them, would you help me?

    Here it is:

    In English, syllabic consonants arise synchronically whenever:
    a) the nucleus to the left becomes empty
    b) the nucleus to the right becomes empty
    c) the nucleus to the left, or less frequently, to the right becomes empty

    There should be also answer d) but I don't have it, so could you tell me is there a good answer (a, b or c) dor that question? Thank you a lot, you're saving my life ;)!

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    Re: syllabic consonants in English

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