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  1. mp3786


    I would like to know the stylistic effects of using collocation, i.e why you would use it in a text?

  2. glitterstar101

    Re: Collocation

    Collocation assists in making an essay/text predictable and easy to follow.

    There are many types such as:

    Discussing attributes of a person/object or abstract ideas

    Relating to a subject as a whole or part such as body parts of a bird - wings, beak or perhaps discussing a character.

    He was envious of her looks because his reflection was looked at as disgust.
    collocation is envious, reflection.

    You could also generalise on a topic and use collocation to enhance cohesion of the text. For example, I have read a story about a creek. The word collocation is: native flora and fauna, waste products, plastic bags, introduced species...
    These are all associated with each other in the story.

    Hope this helps

    (Student teacher)

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