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    the great gatsby


    i have to write an essay about what role Daisy plays in Gasby's life. what purpose she serves and how does her interaction with Gatsby help or hinder Gatsby in achieving his goals?

    the only purposes i can think of is : she inspires Gatsby to get rich.

    immediate help would be really appreciated


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    Re: the great gatsby

    Try using this search: great gatsby themes - Google Search

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    Re: the great gatsby

    If that's the only reason you can think of, use it!!!

    Now, ask yourself -- always yourself, at first:

    0) What does "rich" mean? Could you, Daisy, Gatsby, Fitzgerald have meant it in any other way than $$$? And if so, think of all these meanings as you ask yourself:

    1) Origins: why does she inspire him at all? What has drawn them together? What do they have in common that she can inspire him at all, and in particular to get rich?
    2) Process: How does she inspire him? Does she change his personality as she inspires him? If she does, would he have changed without her? Does she change as she inspires him? How does he change her as he changes the world and becomes rich?
    3) Consequences: What happens to Gatsby after she inspires him to become rich? What happens to her? What happens to them together? What happens to his world, her world, their world, everybody's world? Physically, materially, psychologically, morally? Better or worse? Help -- or hinder? Or nothing?

    4) Evaluation: So, after finding the answers to all of the above, has your opinion of Gatsby changed? Has your opinion of Daisy changed? Has your opinion of the world changed? Has your understanding of the word "rich" changed? If any of these have changed, did they change while you read the novel? Is so, when? Since your opinions have changed, go back and ask yourself all the questions again. If nothing has changed, don't be afraid to conlude that the novel only affirms your (our, the correct) world-view.

    Answer these questions not by quoting other authors about Gatsby, Daisy, or Fitzgerald, but by quoting the text of The Great Gatsby. If you are required to cite other authorities, cite them only AFTER you have answered all these questions for yourself, from the text. Do not let authorities sway your opinion, your reading. If they agree with you, fine; if not, disagree with them! -- And say why.

    Structure your answers in some nice fashion, write, lay aside, wait two days, check, rewrite, and submit. And the best of luck.
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