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Thread: Figure it out

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    Figure it out

    "Don't be silly. Nick is your husband
    Does consciousness stuff make cows of us all?
    He's good for you"

    this is a conversation of a mother persuading her daughter to return to her husband
    The words in bold r known but i can't get the point.
    anyone can help?
    thx in advance

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    Re: Figure it out

    This does not make sense, at all.

    Are you sure you copied or heard it correctly?

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    Re: Figure it out

    Does consciousness stuff make cows of us all?

    If it said "Does subconcious stuff make cows of us all?" it might make sense. Cows are herd animals, following their leader blindly.If in the subconciuous the daughter has been convinced that the husband is not good for her, the mother is implying that the daughter is not making her own decisions.

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