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    Opportunity to move to Germany

    Firstly, my apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum.

    I currently work as a manager in a supermarket, however due to my partner gaining a lectureship at a German university, I am considering my options for relocating there. The university itself has offered me an initial four hour contract to coach their students with english, just to ease me into german life. I am investigating TEFL courses, however I am worried about getting a job there coaching english with no previous experience even with TEFL qualifications.
    Does anyone have any experience or advice to offer me please. I am very keen to learn however am feeling very stressed at the possibility of no income.
    Thank you

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    Re: Opportunity to move to Germany

    I would say it depends on your timeframe and finances. If you have the time and can afford it, a CELTA is a solid, if pricey, intro to ESL theory and practice--if you have a spare month. Otherwise there are plenty of shorter, cheaper qualifications which you can get which may however give you less of a preparation.

    If you do commit to living in Germany, learning at least elementary German should be a priority: it shows respect for your host country, it will help you get much better jobs, and it will give you some insight into what your students must go through.

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