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    Help with tutoring advance students


    I have 2 advance students (11 and 14) They've just spend 1 year in an international school and now they are back to in their home country. Their English is good but their parents wants them to improve and maintain their English.

    Unfortunately they will not be going to an internation school anymore, so they wont have the English medium.

    How can i teach them advance English? where should i start?

    The younger one will be elementary grade 4 and the senior one will be middle school grade 2

    appreciate your help

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    Re: Help with tutoring advance students

    You start by getting to know them. Since they are advance students they can tell you what they have learned and what they have not. Talk to them, get an idea of what they are interested in learning, then get on the internet, find some ideas and put together some lessons.. After a few lessons you'll find out what activities they like to do and how to teach them. Good luck!

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