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    Will my online course be sufficient?

    I have hesitated applying to some Chinese based English schools because I am unsure if my TEFL course which I completed online would be sufficient - I have been to some Chinese based language schools but they are quite vague on what exact qualifications they require. Alternately, some well established English schools offer attractive sounding job placements, if you pay and complete their training (EF etc).

    I was wondering if anyone could clarify the situation - I am basically looking for some employment later in the year in Beijing, Shanghai or another large city in China. Evidently some planning is needed before, my question is basically will my current training (I have some experience in Central America teaching English also) be sufficient to find a decent position in a large city in China?

    I would appreciate your feedback.



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    Re: Will my online course be sufficient?

    The situation is rather complex- there are rules, but it would appear that they are not followed in many cases:

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