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    Exclamation Can you correct my Cover Letter please

    Hello, I am applying to a job in Africa and I need help to correct it. Thank you for your help! ReeRee

    French and speaking fluent English, it is with interest that I found the announcement diffused on your site, in the capacity as officer (male involvement program) in Ivory Coast to minimize violence against women and girls.
    Graduated with a master in Geopolitics and History, the social sciences are grounds with which I am familiar. The plague that represents the limitation of the right of women and their minor role in certain societies calls me particularly. Indeed, as my resume attests it, I am interested by societal questions. Within a team, give my sense of listening and analyzing in order to contribute to the emancipation of women and the good development of the family represents a chance.
    As I was able to notice it during the oral conversations(maintenances) led for my report entitled By The trajectories of Inhabitants of Guadeloupe in hexagonal France from 1945 to 2007, the role of the woman, the mother as human resources is central within the framework of the nuclear family but also in the stakes of a nation.
    Ivory Coast that I already visited figures among the countries that I studied. It is clear that if it belongs to the most dynamic countries of West Africa, there is also a delay as regards protection and of the development of the potential of the women and thus of the girls.

    Besides, my taste for concrete actions brought me in the humanitarian domain in Kosovo then in Cambodia (during the first half of 2005). I appreciated to realize a work of nearness and useful. By means of a collective created by a friend’s relatives, I invested myself in missions with double objective: to allow children to reach school stationery and to improve their food supply thanks to a food distribution.
    I wish to get involved in a long term period to carry out an effective work within 3 spheres: social, communication and economics.

    As my experiment attests it, voluntarism and adaptability count among my intrinsic qualities. When I worked with Teleperformance, world leader of telemarketing and specialized in global management between brands and their customers, I was promoted manager in a 3 months period. This promotion results from my sense of the responsibilities as well as in my savoir-faire. I retain 2 major lessons following my passage in this company. First, the difference that exists between being self-managed and managing a manpower which can reach 30 employees. But also that the effectiveness of a station with responsibility, holds in particular of the relational content, i.e. the desire that you to give people to work with you.
    This key function of officer requires on one hand to show diplomacy and on the other hand a certain form of solidity I believe I have, because this work can even generate mistrust of the hostility.
    Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you within the near future with regards to an interview.
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