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    Titles on business cards

    In a persons's title is there a comma after the name, but before the title acronym: Jane Doe, P.E. And do you use periods, this is on a business card.

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    Re: Titles on business cards

    Hello, Guest. I'm a corporate trainer and I work for engineers.

    The way in which P.E. is used depends on the country that the engineer is from. In the United States, for example, you must be qualified to bear the title, so be careful that Jane meets the requirements if she is from the U.S.

    If she is permitted to use the title in her home country, then yes, "Jane Doe, P.E." is correct. In the U.S., you can also use "Jane Doe, PE" if you prefer (either way is correct here, but I prefer the periods on a business card because it looks a little more formal). In Korea, where they also use P.E. after the engineer's name, I believe they use the periods.

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