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    Hello. I'm studying English and I'd like to know what preposition I should use. Is it in the text or on the text? And, is it in line 5 or on line 5?
    Thank you in advance.
    Looking forward to your reply

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    Re: Text

    Hello, Guest. I am a corporate trainer and a documentation specialist who has tutored college English (that means I'm about half of a teacher).

    Generally you would say "in the text" and "on line 5" when talking about a piece of writing. Here are some example sentences:

    - You spelled the author's name "Hemingway" in the title of your essay, but "Hemmingway" in the text.
    - C.S. Lewis answers Anscombe's objections in the text of his latest theological work.
    - Please write your monthly pay on line 5 of the tax form.
    - When the football coach calls your name, go stand on line 5. (You are being asked to stand on a line on the ground marked with a "5".)

    There are cases when "on the text" and "in line 5" might be correct. Here are some examples:

    - We were studying a short story in class, and the teacher had each of us come to the front of the room and comment on the text. (In this case the "on" belongs to the verb phrase "to comment on [something]".)
    - I had the manuscript of my dissertation in my chair, and my cat walked right in and sat on the text. (" sit on [something]").
    - Beethoven uses a half rest, not a quarter rest, in line 5 on page 43 of the orchestral score. ("...on line 5..." would also be correct here.)
    - Make sure you put a comma in between "however" and "you" in line 5 of the poem. (The words "however" and "you" are in, not on, the line.)
    - When the bank teller calls your name, go stand in line 5. (You are being asked to stand in a line of people to wait your turn.)

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