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    Could you let me know the right terminology which explains the cost for exclusive right to utilize a model or celebrity in company advertising or other print materials?

    I assume that would be "Patent cost for model"?? is it right?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Patent,copywright,trademark?


    I understand that "patent" refers to the right to produce and receive and income related with the invention or improvement of a tangible item.

    Copyright, refers to the right to receive an income as the result of an idea or creation of an intangible item. Like the image on a picture, a work of art, an special design.

    Trademark, refers to a brand. A company that has registred its brand has a trademark,

    Hope this makes sense

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    Re: Patent,copywright,trademark?

    According your kind explaint, copywright would be the right word for this.

    Then, Can I express like " Model copywright cost"??

    Is it right? Thanks


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