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    defination of fuckwit

    i found an explanation in urbandictionary for this word"fuckwit", the top one is "A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions. "
    here i dont understand what does "clue" exectly means, is it "intelligence"?
    and what does it mean by"on a plate in generous portions"?

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    Re: defination of fuckwit

    Hello, llarcenciell. They are trying to state it in a humorous way. "Clue" comes from the phrase "get a clue," which means "don't be so ignorant." A "fuckwit" is someone whose intelligence is basically canceled by their ignorance.

    The definition, in more formal English, could say, "A person who is not only ignorant, but who is apparently unable or unwilling to overcome their ignorance even when faced with the facts."

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