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  1. paupi121

    if I don't do FIRST can I do advance in ESOL

    Hi, I speak English at home and my school offers Cambridge and trinity certificates to English like the ESOL exams. Well this year ( I'm 14) my class could do first but I didn't do it, so if I decide to do Cambridge next year, do I have to do first or can I do advance? ( my level is high ).
    I was wondering because I want to go to university in the USA when I finish with school.
    I live in Spain.

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    Re: if I don't do FIRST can I do advance in ESOL

    You don't have to do FCE to do CAE, some people will try to convince you that you need some experience with Cambridge exams to pass CAE well, but it is not true- I went straight for the CPE and got an A, so it is not necessary. All you need to do is do some past papers (exams from previous years - Cambridge publishes them) so you are familiar with exam format. Hope this helps:)

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    Re: if I don't do FIRST can I do advance in ESOL

    I agree with Magdalena; you have plenty of time. I would, however, look into TOEFL and IELTS , which have the widest recognition for university entrance.

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