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    Trying to refrsh my learning

    Hi, I am currently a college student, but not a new H.S. graduate college student. I am a mother of 3 and attending college with my oldest daughter. So I am not very young to say the least.
    I am trying to refresh, or relearn some of my English studies. I am struggling with remembering how to keep Adj. and Adv. separate for each other. How can I remember this and easily and quickly be able to bring it to the forefront of my mind? I am in an English class right now, and we are having to separlate sentences into Noun Phrases, and Verb Phrases and prepositional phrases and I am screaming HELP! I am needing a crash course in this to stay afloat in this class. Can you help me? Please?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Trying to refrsh my learning

    Kaw, adjectives only modify nouns and words used like nouns. Adverbs modify things that are not nouns... verbs, adjectives, and things used like verbs and adjectives.

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