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    Smile plzzzzzz help me

    can anybody tell me the difference between these lines, But plzzzzz tell me the use of both the lines, with the meaning of both, tell me with an example that in which situation we should use which line, and why not use other line .

    1...i had promised u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i promised u,,,,,,,,((((what is the difference between both)

    2.....i had worked there,,,,,,,,,i worked there........

    3......what had happened u last night,,,,,,,,what happened u last night,,,,,,,
    ---what had happened u (without time)

    4........i had waited for u 1 hr.,,,,,,,,,,,,i waited for u 1 hr..........

    5...........i had helped him,,,,,,,,,,,,i helped him,,,,,,,,,,

    6............u fullfilled your duty so wonderfully,,,,,,,,,,u had fullfilled your duty so wonderfully,,,,,,,,,,,,

    7.............he had given us the requirements,,,,,,,,,,,,,he gave us the requirements,,,,,,,,,,

    8,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i had invited her, but she did not come,,,,,,,,,,,i invited her, but she did not come.
    ---------can say only___i had invited her,,,,,,,,i invited her

    9,,,,,,,,,,,,the car stopped and driver got out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the car was stopped, and driver got out....................

    PLZZZZZZZ tell me the situations of both ,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: plzzzzzz help me

    Try starting from here.

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    Re: plzzzzzz help me

    I promised you = simple past tense
    I had promised you = past perfect tense

    a. Yesterday I promised you I would call. (simple action that occurred in the past.)
    b. I told him this morning that I had promised you I would call. ("I had promised you" happened before "I told him.")

    Let's try another example:

    a. I worked there in 2007.
    b. Yesterday she told him that I had worked there in 2007.

    Does that help make it a little more clear?

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