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    could you give me some ideas or opinion about this topic, also correct my essay :)

    How does advertising influence people's behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

    Long times ago, when the televisions are not invented and people do not access to advertising equipment, they might know one product by chance or learnt it from each other. Nowadays there are wide range of equipment like billboards, teasers, television, radio, internet and catalogs which give more information about different kind of products. Of course advertising has an impact on people’s behavior.
    A good advertisement could encourage people attract to that product and want more information about it. For example when you want to buy something in shopping centers you search for a product which you heard its advertisement in television or saw it on billboard before. In addition an advertisement can make us to change our mind about one product and stop or start buying that product.
    However, unfortunately there are lots of fake advertisements which exaggerate the goodness of one product, so after you buy that, you will not find that specification on that product. Most of sellers know how to advertise their products and use lots of tricks to attract more customers an increase their rating.
    All in all, most people believe in advertisement and when they see someone say some good things about a product, they are tempted to buy that product. I think that in addition to see an advertisement in television or other Medias, it is better to ask other experienced people about that product

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    Re: could you give me some ideas or opinion about this topic, also correct my essay :

    Prior to the emergence of mass advertising, an individual may have discovered a product by chance or through personal recommendation. Today that individual is subject to a wide range of advertising. Although television is supreme in its ability to reach a mass audience, other media such as radio, newspapers, billboards, brochures and the internet are widely employed. The continuing presence of such advertisements attests to a belief by their sponsors in the efficacy of these methods.

    The ultimate goal of all advertising is to make a sale. What is being sold doesn't have to be a product as witnessed by corporate advertising. In this form the corporation itself is what is being sold, yet that that in turn leads to sales of the corporations products. A successful advertisement has to alter the perceptions of the consumer favorably. Both emotive and informative mechanisms may be used to meet these goals.

    Since specific examples are requested, I shall mention the Coca-Cola campaigns. No reasons are given as why their product is superior to competitors. The singing and dancing people are emotive, the consumer associates their product with happy times. Compare this approach with the advertisement for a cleaning product. Unable to glamorize the product, they will emphasis the products ability to clean, saving you labor. Car manufacturers will use both techniques, we have good looking people on good looking cars, but also information on fuel consumption and low price.

    Unfortunately the power of advertising can also be misused. Although outright lies are rare, exaggeration and distortion are commonplace.

    A more controversial usage is to create a need where none existed before. Once again I provide a specific example. I am encouraged to buy antibacterial cleaning fluid to wash my food chopping board. Since it kills all the germs, I am told, it is better. Yet my grandmother didn't need such a product, she simply washed the bacteria off with soap and water. What is required is removal of the bacteria and not their demise. Thus the product offers no true advantages. The proof of this comes from her extreme age.

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