Please help me to correct the following article.

Some people like to buy a house because they can make a family with the house. While others prefer to buy a business because a business is more challenging and they can make more money in the business.

Every one needs a house, it is not only a place for him to live. It is also a home and a family to him. After a long working day, every one loves to go home to relax. He may take a shower, have a big dinner or lie on a sofa and watch a basketball game on TV but most of all, He likes to chat and play with his family. His family may ask him about how was the work in his company and what dishes does he want for his dinner etc. His children may come to him and ask him to play with them. Some people may think that it is trivial but to many people it is the biggest reward they got every day after a long working day.

Business is also very important to every one. If a man does not have a job, then how can he support himself and his family. Money is not everything. It can not buy everything such as love and friendship. It is the basic block to keep one’s live and his living. No one can live without money unless he lives in an isolated island with his family only on the island and they do everything for themselves such as farming, raising poultry and making clothes etc. Business is also a status in a society. If one gets a reputable job such as doctors and policemen, he is highly praised and admired by the others. He would feel light-hearted. His mental health would be better.

To me, both a house and a business are equally important and I can not give up any one of them. However, if I have money to buy either one of them, then I would buy a house because I am not a businessman. I do not how to run a business very well, so I prefer being an employee to being an employer. If I can not run the business very well, then I may lose both.