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    love / adore


    which is stronger ? to love someone or to adore someone?


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    Re: love / adore

    When referring to being in love with another person, then 'adore' is far stronger...and these days, would be used more in a kind of humourous way, as in: "He adores the ground she walks on." It suggests someone who is so in love he is blind to any faults or annoying personality traits of the person. 'adore' makes me think of the husband of the brash authoress Jacqueline Susan, whose husband was besotted with her, and would say, "Isn't she wonderful?" Others' reaction to this might be, "The man absolutely adores her!"

    'adore' is also used in a flamboyant way by gays, akin to how straight Americans would use the expressions "It's real cool" and "awesome". An example would be describing someone famous in a designer gown: "She looked absolutely divine. I adore Gucci**."

    ** For those in non-Western cultures, Gucci is a famous house of fashion - haute couture (the designing and making of high-quality fashionable clothes by leading fashion houses).
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