Can anybody urgently help me proofread the following passage? Thank you in advance!!!

Regarding the complaint from Mr. Bill that he and his friends were blocked by our staff to play American football at the football pitch of the Sunshine Park around 2:30 p.m. yesterday, I would like to state the following explanation:

First of all, I and a security staff called Tammy found two guys playing an oval-liked football at the football pitch of the Sunshine Park during 2:30 p.m. yesterday. Due to communication problem, Tammy only waved her hands to ask the guys not to do that on the football pitch, but the two guy appeared not to note Tammy's warning and continue playing the football. After a while, I found the case and approached them immediately. They stopped playing the ball and I told them that according to our venue regulation (Pleasure Regulation Section.881), you all were not allowed to play this type football game on our football pitch. One of the guy wearing a sky blue shirt asked me for which organization did I represent. I answered that I was the venue-in-charge of the Sunshine park, Leisure and Sport Department. The guy in sky blue shirt showed me the ball and told me that it was a football, an American football. The guy added that as there was nobody on the football pitch at that time, why they were not allowed to play football here. I explained to them that the football pitch is built for English soccer game, not for other types of football games, so they were not allowed to play American football on the football pitch even though their game didn't cause any distribuances to other parties. The guy asked me where they could play American football and I answered that I had no ideas at that moment, but playing American football at our venue was totally not allowed since it would break the playground regulations. The guy responded that if they continue their football game on the football pitch, what I would do against them. I told them that I would ask them for leaving the venue. I added that I had to stop them from playing American football because their action not only violated the playground regulation, but also aroused the discontent of other park users, particularly the residents of L.V. Town. The guy claimed that he understood my standing, but he didn't want to stop their football game here. As they strongly insisted on playing American football on the football pitch, I requested them for stopping their football game when somebody coming to the football pitch and playing English soccer. The guy promised that they would leave the pitch immediately if somebody come to play English soccer on the football pitch. Finally, I expressed my thankfulness to their co-operaion and asked them for finding other places where they are eligible for playing American football. At 2:45 p.m., the two guys left the football pitch. Thank you for your attention!!!